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April 24, 2018
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Oxygen Infusion Beauty System




1. Delivers a continuous stream of oxyen
2. Cost effective to run
3. Efficient way to deliver oxygen
4. World wide support
5. 24 months warranty
6. Low maintenance

The oxygen beauty system provides a rich concentration of oxygen for direct application to the skin as
an essential component in non-medical skin care treatment.

How It generates oxygen

The oxygen beauty system takes oxygen from the surrounding air (which comprised up to 21% oxygen) using
a specialized molecular-sieve filtration system.The system provides a continuous stream of oxygen that is readily
available,constantly renewable,and always reliable.


The oxygen beauty system eliminates the need for pressurized combustible oxygen tanks,regulator, as well as
the inconcenience and costs of refilling.On a more serious note oxygen tanks also pose as a fire & safety hazard with
strict storage and handling requirements.

Low Maintenance

These highly reliable systems require little maintenance and are easy to service.More importantly, they consistently
provide high concentrations of oxygen.

Safety features

The system features a transformer that reduces shutdowns caused by electrical spikes, EMI, and RFI. Because the
system conditions the powers so source. It operated reliably in locations with adverse electrical conditions. As
well, the sieve-GARD monitors sieve bed performance and shuts down the compressor to maintain sieve integrity in
the event of a fault.



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